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We push ourselves to deliver fresh thinking and sound insight to solve the challenges our clients face. Our experience, and ingenuity enable us to solve difficult problems and deliver value


We focus on what is important, communicating clear expectations in the relentless pursuit of success. We believe performance excellence will progress our strategic direction and push us to strive for flawless execution.


We honor our commitments and are accountable for our actions, successes, and failures. We do what we say, and we keep our promises.

Who we are

Smart Completions Company is Libyan oil service company specialized in supplying the Libyan market with liner hanger and completion product and services. Headquartered in Tripoli Libya, our tradition is one of quality, affordability, customer service, and community investment.
Our high-quality equipment, customer satisfaction, and the well-being of our employees are the cornerstones of our business. We devote ourselves to solving customers’ problems and enriching the lives of our employees.